Super Star Global On Amrita TV| Music Reality Show in Malayalam

Amrita TV's Super Star Gobal is a Malayalam Music Reality and talent search show.  This show was the third Season of  super star reality show organised by Amrita TV with the aim to find the best singer and stage performer through a process of public/sms voting.

The Super Star series started with Super Star telecast in 2006, which emerged as the most watched reality show in South Indian television. This was followed by Super Star Junior in 2007 which again was a runaway hit.

Super Star Global was for participants in the age group of 16-25 years. The audition for the show was held in Dubai, California , Washington DC,Houston, London –besides Indian locations. The second audition round was conducted at Trivandrum on July 24,25, 2007 and 21 contestants were selected out of over 20,000 aspirants

The first episode of the show was premiered in July 2007, and completed 180 hourly episodes over eight months.

The grand Finale of  Super Star Global 

The grand finale of the show was held on 5 April 2008  at Nishagandi open air auditorium in Trivandrum. The Chief Guest was noted singer Vani Jayaram. The live telecast show spanning over 4 hours was interspersed with entertaining performances by musicians like M.Jayachandran, Gayatri, George Peter, Chitra Iyer,Stephen and all the contestants of Lux Super Star Global .

The finalists of the show were Jithendranath, Teena Joy and Roopa K.R

Judges of Amrita TV Super Star Global

M.Jayachandran, Unni Menon, Chitra Iyer and many celebrities from the music and film world.

Contestants of the Super Star Global 

Akash, Amal George, Anand Narayanan, Charu Hariharan, Deepak, Divya Krishna, Durga Warrier, Jithendranath, Kavitha, Kavya Ajit, R.Latha Krishan, Prasobh M.R.,Praveen Vijayakrisha, Ratheesh Kumar P.P., Resmi Vijayam, Roopa K.R., Sajla Saleem, Sooraj, S., Sruthi, Subin Ignatius, Teena Joy

Winners of Amrita TV Super Star Global  Grand Finale 2007-2008

Roopa K.R-Winner -First Prize -won Mercedes Benz was sponsored by Confident Group
Jethendranath (Jeetu)- First Runner Up-Second Prize-won Swift Car
Teena Joy-Second Runner Up-Third Prize
Winners of SGG - Roopa, Jeetu and Teena 

Sponsors of Amrita TV Super Star Global

 After the sponsors name it was named as 'Lux Super Star Global'
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