Avicharitham - Malayalam TV Serial on Asianet

Avicharitham is a  Malayalam Television Serial telecasted on Asianet in 2004. The serial completed 40 Episodes. The serial was direceted by K.K Rajeev and Scripted by Bobby Sanjay Team.

Cast and Crew
Producer : Prem Prakash
Director: K.K Rajeev
Script and Dialogue :Bobby and Sanjay
Videography: S.Vaidi, Hemachandran
Starring :Srividya, Prem Prakash, Suvarna Mathew,Jayan, Archana and Valsala Menon.
Title Song-Singer- K.S.Chitra

Theme of the Serial: The story of Avicharitham revolves round the life of Arvind, an enterprising journalist who is leading a happy life with wife Radha and daughter, Varsha, a college graduate. Trouble shoots up in their lives when Arvind, a competent Journalist, challenges to get an interview from Devika, also a journalist. Even though the repeated attempts by Arvind to get an interview,irritate Devika , their mutial admiration goes beyond barriers when Arvind decides to live with Devika which affects Radha.What happens next
Avicharitham(2004) Tele Serial on Asianet

Awards: The serial wins the P. Sukumaran Memorial gold medal for best tele serial instituted by the Kaveri Film Critics Television Awards in 2004. Archana for the award for the best actress. The award for the best screenplay and videography also went to the serial.

Avicharitham won five awards at the Kerala State television awards for 2004 including the one for best serial. The Director of `Avicharitham,' K.K. Rajiv, won the award for the best director . The other awards won by the serial were for the best script (by Bobby and Sanjay), best actor (Prem Prakash) and best actress (Sreevidya).
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